Artist Statement + Bio

Eddie uses predominately Gouache on board, creating chalky, permeable surfaces into which his watery paint absorbs like paper. He works in series, using archetypal subjects to explore the tradition of European painting. He considers his paintings as an act of drawing; often from life, sometimes photographs, as in his recent series of FaceTime portraits. The real subject of his work, however, is the act of observation and recording. The finished work becomes a souvenir of the time spent obsessively pursuing colours, an honest record of the artist’s exchange with the subject:

“I think about making a 1 for 1 translation of the physical world; each blob of paint is a recording of an area of colour I’ve observed. It could be anywhere from 30-500 recordings that make up the entire image. It’s like being a big camera with a very slow exposure, except unlike a camera you also record your behaviours during the making of the painting. I see areas where I have meticulously and obsessively recorded the correct colours, and areas of broader, more hasty brushstrokes.”

Eddie’s attention to colour and the economy of his touch create a unique and ever-evolving language for documenting the nuanced characters of objects, people and places. Flintstone, found on the Sussex coast where Eddie is from, is the subject of his current series of works.

Eddie has just graduated with a BA in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School. He grew up in Sussex and now lives on a houseboat in London. Before studying Fine Art, Eddie graduated with a BSc from Agricultural college and went on to work as a product designer, patenting his first series of products the ‘Jigsaw Clock’ in 2018. He then worked as a teacher, teaching art to primary and secondary school students at Hurstpierpoint College as well as planning and running extra-curricular art clubs in painting, screen-printing and prop-making. At this time he also taught and ran a weekly life-drawing event at a Sussex pub.

Whilst at City and Guilds, Eddie organised and curated two of his own exhibitions and participated in several others. He has been made a scholar of The Worshipful Company of Painters and Stainers and was awarded the ‘Philip Connard Travel Prize’ which allowed him to visit Amsterdam, Utrecht, Bremen, Worpswede and Dusseldorf to research European expressionism from Paula Modersohn-Becker to Maria Lasnig. Eddie has recently been shortlisted for the Artists Collecting Society Studio Prize and has co-founded ‘The Tub’ a non-for profit artist run gallery and project space in London’s busy Broadway Market.